• Innovation Day Rules & Requirements

    Submit your idea by October 7 using this form. The top two submissions will receive $10,000 to further develop, protect, commercialize and implement their idea and the opportunity to present their idea at ENT Innovation Day on October 30th. The goal of ENT Innovation Day is to celebrate ongoing innovation efforts within ENT, but also to ignite new solutions to improve the way we work and the way we care for our patients. As described on the Innovation Day homepage, the themes for this year are (1) ENT Devices, (2) Provider-to-Provider Communication (3) Patient Access, and (4) Patient Engagement and Communication. All ideas are welcome and any UH employee can participate.
  • Please list the team members that collaborated on this submission.
  • Please give one email address of the team member that can act as the Point of Contact.
  • Please give your idea a brief title.
  • Please describe the problem you are trying to solve and why it's significant.
  • Describe your idea. Please include the methods and technologies required for your idea to become reality.
  • Please select the focus area that most closely aligns with your idea.
  • Please describe and/or link background info and evidence to the alignment to one of the above focus areas.
  • Provide relevant background information and cite existing evidence that links to or supports the viability of your idea.
  • Describe how your idea is innovative. Provide any evidence that suggests your idea has not been tried before at UH and/or in the healthcare industry.
  • Describe how your idea could reach a significant number of end users.
  • Describe your team and any relevant expertise.
  • Describe a high-level work plan to execute on your idea. Be sure to also describe how you plan to test and measure the potential impact of your idea on the end-users and/or communities where the innovation will be used.
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