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UH has a rich legacy of innovation and discovery, pioneering some of health care’s most impactful advances such as perfecting the use of nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia in the early 1900’s, developing a revolutionary nutritional formula for infant care, and finding surgical solutions for coronary artery disease that became the forerunner to bypass surgery.  

These innovations over the years started with simply an idea, then often matured into prototypes and pilotsunderwent testing, and then even became products or implementation as ion or clinical trials. UH Ventures is excited to support our caregivers as they continue our tradition of innovation. We invite you to submit ideas of all stages by September 30 for a chance to receive funding and other resources aimed to bring your ideas to life. To begin your innovation journey, submit here:



Program Pathways and Funding Mechanisms: 

UH Ventures leverages several programs to add both funding and coaching support to the most promising innovations of the Spring Call for Ideas Cycle. These programs are listed below. Submitters are not required to submit to individual programs. UH Ventures will determine which funding vehicle makes the most sense. Our programs and their sponsors are listed below:


A unique gift from Michael and Ellen Feuer has established the Feuer Innovation Accelerator fund at UH, which is used to support the most promising ideas with the highest potential for impact on healthcare delivery and research. Winning projects will participate in a product development accelerator program to support their transformation from ideation to potential implementation. 


A collaborative funding opportunity, sponsored by UH Ventures and the UH Research and Education Institute, that awards monetary and technology development resources for the most promising medical device concepts that are at the earliest idea and prototype stages. The funding aim for Medtech Flyers is to identify and award technology development resources for the most promising device concepts at the earliest idea and prototype stages.


University Hospitals received a grant from Ohio’s Third Frontier program to create the University Hospitals Technology Validation and Startup Fund (UH-TVSF). Third Frontier funds are matched by UH Ventures providing the UH-TVSF with a $1 million grant dedicated to de-risk and advance new innovative technologies and products originating within UHHS. The goal of the program is to license the de-risked technologies to an Ohio start-up company for commercialization.


Sponsored by the Belcher-Weir Family, three submissions will receive funding and resources to give early life to ideas and the opportunity to present their idea at the Belcher-Weir Family Innovation Day. Ideas can be submitted which are in any level of development, and do not need to be long, complex or fully matured. All submitted ideas will be reviewed by UH Ventures and our hospital leaders at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospitals and UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital. Pediatrics and Women’s Health submissions for the Belcher-Weir Family Innovation Day are due by June 6. 

If you have a question about an idea or invention, or just want to learn more about innovation and commercialization, please visit the UH Ventures website, or reach out to ideas@uhhospitals.org.



Below are a few tools that the UH Ventures team created to help your innovation submission stand out from the rest. You can find all of our resources here.

  • UH Ventures Health Voyagers Podcast Series: 3 Tips for Making your Innovation Submission Stand Out. LISTEN
  • UH Ventures Health Voyagers Podcast Series: Sparking Ideas featuring Brandon Cornuke, VP, Strategy & Startup Services, MAGNET. WATCH 
  • UH Ventures Innovation Handbooks: Sharing your Idea with UH Ventures. DOWNLOAD



Need help? Contact one of the following UH Ventures team members or our general email address at Ideas@UHhospitals.org.

Ryan Allison, Portfolio Manager, UH Ventures | Ryan.Allison@UHhospitals.org

Allison Hart, Lead Innovation Strategist, UH Ventures | Allison.Hart@UHhospitals.org

Patricia Colella, Innovation Strategist, UH Ventures | Patricia.Colella@UHhospitals.org


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