Submission Guidelines

We are excited to showcase both research-oriented and innovation-based nurses this year by casting a broad net for submissions. Please select one of two submission types: research-oriented or innovation-oriented. For these purposes, we consider research-oriented to be studies, posters, or publications and innovation-oriented to be ideas, designs, or prototypes. As innovation and research go hand-in-hand, we anticipate some submissions will speak to elements of both. Please select whichever you feel most applies to your submission. We also will look for submissions with an impact specifically at University Hospitals and where the nurse is principal author, investigator, or idea owner.

A submission must be submitted by a nurse, nursing student, or in nomination of a nurse or nursing student that has direct involvement with University Hospitals. For the research component of the showcase, this includes studies at all stages of development. Completed and emerging, in process research will be spotlighted with lead presentations describing the problem, background, methods, results and implications for nursing practice.

Submissions should include nurse(s) or nursing student(s) as the principle author or investigator. Similarly, for the innovation component of the showcase, this includes well-substantiated ideas for service or product innovation at all stages of development. Innovation presentations will be spotlighted describing the unmet need or problem the idea addresses, process, insights, deliverables (mock-ups, sketches, process maps, etc.), and impact of the solution. Submissions should include nurse(s) or nursing student(s) as the main idea owner or designer.

1st prize: $5,000

2nd prize: $3,000

3rd prize: $1,000

The call for applications is now open until Monday Aug. 10, 2020 at noon, 12 p.m. EST.

Criteria for Submission

Chosen submissions will be spotlighted in the Inaugural NIRS (Nurse Innovators, Researchers, & Students) showcase. Winners will receive dedicated resources that can be used towards the initial project, a new phase of research/innovation or to further the development of their work.

For Research, we will look for: 1) Relevance, 2) Feasibility, 3) Practice Application.

For Innovation, we will look for: 1) Viability, 2) Feasibility, 3) Desirability.

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