The information provided directly by the prospective pilot partner helps the UH Ventures team socialize and gain support from external stakeholders as we work together to scope a potential pilot. Please answer to the best of your ability.
  • Please list out the features and differentiators of your solution. Please include as many "key words" that might inform our research into this space. (Note: This list will help us cross-check with other solutions that are live within UH and/or are under consideration)
  • Please indicate as best you can who is the (1) Customer: the typical "purchaser" of your solution; the (2) Users: the role of the UH individual that uses and helps facilitate the solution in the live environment;, and the (3) Consumer: the persona(s) or patient population(s) that will be ultimately interacting with the technology.
  • Are you able to provide specific case studies that demonstrate your value proposition and/or Return on Investment? What Key Performance Indicators have you tracked in prior engagements?
  • Can you provide a list of some of your more notable clients? Please indicate any that would be willing to act as a reference.
  • What is your business model for your solution (i.e. subscription model, fee per user, etc.)
  • What companies do you see as having a comparable solution to yours?
  • Does your company see an opportunity to co-develop a solution with UH, in which we can partner for revenue sharing? What is your company's fundraising plans for the next 18 months?
  • IT Security & Integration Questions

  • Where geographically is the data stored?
  • Where geographically is the data supported?
  • Upon request, can you provide SAS70 or SSAE-16 SOC Type 2 Certification documentation?
  • What type of information is needed for piloting the solution. Check all that apply.
  • What type of information is needed for the "ideal" enterprise solution. Check all that apply.
  • What are the target user devices (Desktop, VM, Mobile, etc.). Please identify all possible devices. Is IE11+ supported?
  • What other peripheral devices/medical devices will your application use, if applicable?
University Hospital Ventures

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