Hospital Bed Seating Solution


Hospital bed seating attachments that provide a means to enhancing the patient experience while making use of limited space


During patient-staff interactions, the patient’s perception of the experience may be influenced by the distance between the clinician and patient, location of the clinician, and the eye level posturing during communication. Being aware of the patient’s level of comfort and personal space, there are optimal locations surrounding the patient’s bed that need to be kept in mind during communication and moments of interaction. A clinician in a seated position has been found to increase comfort versus a standing position that can be perceived as more intimidating, while maintaining a face-to-face distance between 3–4 feet is optimal for eye contact and building trust. Current hospital rooms and beds lack the thoughtful use of limited space to enhance patient encounters.


The hospital bed seating solution encompasses several embodiments that creatively accommodate a minimalistic approach to meeting ideal physical space and distance configurations at the patient bedside. The seats can be stored in a convenient location and quickly accessed when needed. Attachments to the bed are possible through railings and the seats pivot out to desired distances and locations.

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