University Hospitals Home Care Services

Healthy at Home

Each one of our coordinated team members does their absolute best to keep our patients healthy at home rather than healing in a hospital. Our agency consistently surpasses National Standards for readmission rates and patient satisfaction.  We also participate in a rigorous, independent quality and safety review by the highly regarded Joint Commission and are continuously accredited at the highest level for quality care and patient experience.    

Our People

Selecting UH Home Care means selecting the entire UH System.  Our care team will continue the high level of care that our UH partners delivered at other phases of the care journey and ensure appropriate coordination measures are taken on the patient’s behalf to best care for their needs at all times.

Our Technology

We utilize cutting edge technology and research backed resources to optimize health at home.  With a focus on communication and collaboration, we ensure each patient receives the right care at the right time delivered by the right member of our team.

Defining Homebound Status

Patient with a functional limitation that requires him/her to stay in the home except for short, infrequent absences. Leaving the home requires considerable and taxing effort. Homebound status may be temporary after an illness or hospitalization, before normal activities can be resumed.

University Hospital Ventures

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