UH Ventures’ annual Call for Innovations has opened and will accept ideas until September 1, 2023. 


Problem Statement Identification

This year, in addition to accepting ideas for innovative solutions, we also invite caregivers to submit their problem statements if they don’t yet have a solution in mind. This will help UH identify high-priority opportunities for improvement to enhance the award-winning care we deliver every day.

Solution Ideas

If you do have a solution in mind, UH Ventures has three potential pathways to fund your innovation; however, submitters do not need to identify which program is appropriate. After submission, UH Ventures will determine which of the following funding vehicles makes the most sense:

  • Medtech Flyers –sponsored by UH Ventures and the UH Research and Education Institute, awards monetary and technology development resources for the most promising medical device concepts that are at the earliest idea and prototype stages. Funding amounts range from $5,000 up to $15,000 and will be used for market validation, concept refinement, or early product prototyping depending on the stage of the technology.
  • Feuer Innovation Accelerator – a unique gift from Michael and Ellen Feuer supports early-stage innovations with the highest potential for impact on health care delivery and research. These submissions should aim to (re)design better processes, enhance caregiver/patient experiences, or promote service excellence and systemness. Funding amounts can be up to $25,000. This award supports caregivers in conducting market validation and developing their idea.
  • UH Technology Validation and Startup Fund (UH-TVSF)– made possible by a grant from Ohio Third Frontier, advances mature technologies to the commercialization stage. Funding amounts can be as high as $150,000 and must be used toward validation activities of technologies that are beyond proof-of-concept.


We look forward to receiving your ideas and working with you to transform health care!

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