UH Ventures identifies, develops, and deploys the most disruptive and creative innovations that originate from within University Hospitals and organizations all over the world. Built to draw on the historic and present strengths of University Hospitals, UH Ventures pursues the innovative opportunities that drive definitive, sustainable, and scalable value to the way care is delivered.

Our Roles

  • A Resource for Caregivers

    UH Ventures is the central hub for all University Hospitals staff who want to innovate. As the innovation and commercialization arm of University Hospitals, we support our colleagues in all stages of their innovation journey.  UH Ventures has experts in information technology, digital health, medical technology, and service products so that all types of innovation can be cultivated. Our team not only reviews every idea sent to us, we also coach, connect, and lead UH caregivers in their journey to transform care.

  • A Living Lab

    University Hospitals is a world-class institution that can partner on your innovation journey. UH Ventures opens doors, clears paths, and forges relationships between companies and University Hospitals caregivers to launch trials and pilots as well as de-risk new products through product development and validation activities. We are an ideal Living Lab because we span both urban and rural locations, practice both clinical and academic medicine, and have one of the largest and highest rated ACOs in the US. UH Ventures is also versed in pursuing novel collaboration and co-development models.

  • An Investor

    UH Ventures invests in companies that we have tested in our living lab or generated from our internal innovation pipeline. We have a differentiated and proven approach for de-risking and enhancing both external and internal innovations. This includes evaluating opportunities for alignment with University Hospitals’ strategy, leveraging clinical expertise, and validating market space. Our portfolio continues to grow and show returns.

  • A Community Anchor Institution

    In line with the mission of University Hospitals, UH Ventures drives change beyond the hospitals of our health system to foster innovation and economic development across Northeast Ohio. UH Ventures both supports and relies upon the local innovation, research, and manufacturing ecosystems with intention. We have longstanding relationships with other community anchors, corporations, and economic development groups.

Our Difference

  • Unique Structure

    In order to effectively invest in innovation from inside and outside of our health system, our platform includes University Hospitals operating adjacencies, including UH Meds, UH Home Care, and UH Lab Services.

  • Wide-ranging Portfolio

    We pursue opportunities in all verticals, of all stages, and from all sources. Our current portfolio of work includes health IT, medical devices, diagnostics, digital therapeutics, wellness, and enterprise operations.

  • Funding Mechanisms

    UH Ventures leverages a number of funding mechanisms supported by philanthropy, state and federal grants, and internal health system resources to incubate and accelerate concepts, inventions, and companies.

  • Cohesive and Complementary Team

    The UH Ventures team has expertise from both inside and outside of the healthcare industry. While the UH Ventures structure has focus areas including inside-out, outside-in, product strategy, investment, and innovation, our team works collaboratively to further ideas, products, and our portfolio.

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