Anterior Spinal Retractor and Pin System


The anterior spinal retractor and pin system allows for a stabilized retractor blade that prevents risk of movement during surgery and streamlines the application of bone wax into the drilled hole.


Spinal retractor systems are necessary during anterior surgery to allow a retraction for various tissues, blood vessels, and other soft anatomy that may impede direct visualization and access to the spinal column. Retractors may sometimes move during surgery, making access difficult to maintain a stable position and costing extra time and resources to reposition or replace retractors. There is a need for a stabilized retractor system that eliminates the instances of movement and instability during surgery and enables a secure operative field where surgeons can perform without distraction or concern for potential retractor displacement.


The retractor system includes design elements and functionality that will protect important anatomical structures during surgery. The system is comprised of a smooth retractor blade, vertebral fixation screw, blade holder, and screw driver. The smooth blade protects soft tissue and includes a channel for holding the vertebral fixation screw. The fixation screw is drilled into the vertebral body and has a cannulated feature that allows for bone wax to fill into the drilled hole in the bone, preventing bleeding to the external surface.

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