Parenteral & Enteral Administration System (PEAS)

Transforming the nutrition support paradigm by leveraging automation

Technology Overview

A nutritional system and automated data capture solution that accurately tracks and monitors enteral and parenteral feeding, resulting in less malnutrition, improved quality of care, and optimized clinical decision making.

The Parenteral & Enteral Administration System (PEAS) is envisioned to:

  • Integrate with leading pump devices to wirelessly transmit data Interface with the Electronic Medical Record
  • Eliminate manual data entry and hand calculations
  • Render dashboards with nutritional insights
  • Offer objective, interpretable data to clinicians and patients
  • Provide real-time monitoring and alerts

UH Ventures is seeking a commercialization partner to:

  • License
  • Co-develop

Stage of Development: Graphical user interface and framework constructed; provisional patent application filed Dec. 2022.

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