ScriptDrop Powers New Prescription Delivery Offering From Uber Health

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The ScriptDrop and Uber Health logos, in black, appear on a white background with a sea foam green X between them, reading "ScriptDrop x Uber Health."March 30, 2023, ScriptDrop and Uber Health announced a new partnership that will grant prescription access to even more patients than before. We are very excited to build upon our existing business relationship with Uber by working with the healthcare side of the company.

Uber Health, launched in 2018, has focused on overcoming transportation obstacles for patients and providers who lack personal transportation or don’t have access to reliable public transportation. By offering patient rides to and from doctor’s appointments as well as offering rides for healthcare staff, Uber Health has helped patients connect with care and improve their long-term health outcomes.

This partnership is a significant step in the growth of both companies. By tapping into our proprietary software, extensive partner network, and healthcare expertise, Uber Health is now able to expand their service offerings into prescription delivery. Providers will be able to request delivery on behalf of patients through Uber Health’s platform, just the way they request non-emergency medical transportation today. ScriptDrop will receive the request, and then we’ll work with the patient’s pharmacy to send their medication from the pharmacy shelf directly to the patient’s front door.

“This will allow us to help more patients, including those being discharged from the hospital,” said Emily Muenchen, ScriptDrop’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “Acute discharge will be an early focus.” While some hospital inpatients receive their discharge prescriptions before being sent home, some aren’t that lucky. Many patients or their caregivers are expected to pick up these medications at their preferred pharmacy instead. That’s a tall order for someone who recently had surgery or who is seriously ill, disabled, or injured and needs their caregiver on hand. With Uber Health x ScriptDrop prescription delivery, discharged patients can go straight home and have their medications delivered to them directly. Not only will this save the patient time and effort, but they will be more likely to complete their therapy correctly, which will keep them out of the hospital.

We believe this partnership can improve the health of a vast number of Americans. There are many obstacles that keep patients from getting their medications – severe illness, complicated work schedules, health stigma, and more – but we know that prescription delivery helps. We are proud to partner with Uber Health in this effort.


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