The Wireless Arthroscopic Era Begins: Arthroscopy’s Evolution from the Incandescent Era to the Fiber-Optic Era to the Wireless Era

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Published! Kudos to James Williams, MD and Asheesh Gupta MD, MPH for having their paper published by The Journal of Orthopaedic Experience and Innovation. Arthroscopic surgery has evolved from the incandescent era to the fiber-optic era and is now on the brink of the wireless era. With its disruptive technology, wireless arthroscopy will change the field of arthroscopy as we know it. Value-based care will continue to drive healthcare for the immediate future. The technology ArthroFree incorporates is sure to improve patient outcomes and demonstrate cost-effectiveness, two of the key tenets of value-based care. Wireless arthroscopy will become the standard of care in hospitals and ASCs due to its safety profile, OR efficiencies, and cost savings. As patients become more familiar with the benefits of wireless arthroscopy, it would be natural for them to seek out clinicians that deliver the safety and efficiency commensurate with arthroscopy in the wireless era.

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