UH Ventures: Call for UH Employee Ideas

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To our UH colleagues,

Whether you are viewing our 150 Years exhibit displayed in the intersection of the Lakeside and Humphrey buildings in our Cleveland Medical Center, or just peeking in our operating rooms, our Cancer Center, or our emergency departments located throughout our region, one thing is evident: UH and Innovation have walked hand-in-hand since our founding. Perhaps less clear, this relationship has never been due to a top-down strategy. Innovation at UH thrives because of you.

Early last year, our system broke ground on a new infrastructure that would streamline and accelerate the most promising ideas of our employees to practice and to the market. UH Ventures and our team of designers, strategists, and portfolio managers have not only build a new mechanism for idea submissions, but also a comprehensive process for giving your ideas the attention and the firepower they require. UH Ventures has also been forging strategic partnerships as well as interfacing with some of the nation’s hottest healthcare startups to ensure the right context and collaborations are in place to usher in a new era of healthcare at UH.

We are therefore pleased to formally announce to you the opening of the “innovation gates”, and welcome everyone to begin your engagement with us by submitting your most innovative ideas.

We encourage you to think deeply about the challenges you and our patients face every day, and begin 2019 with a commitment to solving it and finding ways to scale it to improve healthcare in our community and beyond. UH Ventures has the process, the tools, and the team in place to help you do this.

We look forward to transforming healthcare with all of you. Happy Holidays, and Happy Innovating.


Your Friends at UH Ventures