UH Ventures Launches Health Voyagers Podcast Series

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UH Ventures is excited to introduce its Health Voyagers Podcast Series, in which host David Sylvan (VP, UH Ventures) interviews innovation experts and leaders from UH and our ecosystem about moving innovations from conception to the market.

“Our main intention of the Health Voyagers Podcast is instigation via demystification,” says Sylvan. “At the end of the day, innovation is not an exclusive club. It needs to come from everyone.”

In other words, the podcast aims to eliminate confusion while also giving a few tools needed to activate innovation from all corners of the system and our community. The first installment features Managing Director, Kip Lee, who discusses the first step when it comes to innovation: to write it down your idea and share it.

Podcasts will be released every few weeks, with the next installments including fireside chat with UH Ventures president, Eric Beck, and Intellectual Property 101.To reach out with questions or ideas for future podcasts, please email