University Hospitals and Axuall Pilot Blockchain and Digital Credentials to Streamline and Improve Clinical Workforce Deployment

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CLEVELAND, May 19, 2020 – Axuall, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration and business alliance with University Hospitals to develop and test new mechanisms and workflows to reduce the time it takes to deploy qualified clinical staff and meet growing patient demand. Axuall is a national digital network that enables clinicians, healthcare systems, and primary source institutions to share and manage authenticated credentials in real-time, all while meeting regulatory standards.

Axuall and University Hospitals’ Ventures group began to work together in 2019 to identify opportunities to leverage blockchain and digital identity to fundamentally improve the way the health system attracts, verifies, and deploys clinical talent. Since then, the organizations successfully completed the first of three phases of their pilot in February of 2020. Subsequent phases will support the full set of NCQA and Joint Commission standards and are expected to be completed by midsummer of 2020. 

“Any delays in getting clinicians permission to serve our patients put a strain on limited resources, and no more so than when we find ourselves continuously load-balancing in response to COVID-19,” stated David Sylvan, President of UH Ventures. “The time and cost to traditionally credential a practitioner wastes resources – it idles the provider; it stalls vital revenue-producing activities and limits throughput. University Hospitals is excited to pilot Axuall’s novel and potentially game-changing technology.”