World IP Day – 2022

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Each year in late April, as the snow finally thaws,
We return to the story of old Patent Clause.

Our hero, Patent Clause, with fullest attention,
Spent all of his time creating inventions.

He toiled in his workshop, causing a clatter,
Creating a newfangled composition of matter.

Proud of his concept, wholly original,
He sprang from his seat to file a provisional.

And he went on a journey, from Euclid to Wade Park
To seek an attorney to file his trademark.

But who should appear, with a grimy clenched fist,
The troll, Patent Krampus, with a cease and desist!

Because out in the field, there arose prior art,
But it proved not to infringe — no need to restart.

So away it was sent, to pursue a continuation,
From the desk of Dhanesh, the best in the nation.

But after reviewing Patent Clause’s application,
He shut it down in 3 minutes (market size limitations).

So while his invention didn’t make it, Patent Clause still spreads joy
By bringing Office Actions each year to all the good girls and boys.

And you’ll hear him exclaim as he clicks Google Patents “refresh”,
Happy World IP Day to all… except for Dhanesh.

Credit to our poets: Randall Hoyle & Matthew Zenker
and to their muse: Dhanesh Shah

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