Dhanesh Shah

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Dhanesh oversees day-to-day function of University Hospitals Inside-Out portfolio. He works closely with the Inside-Out team to identify, protect and develop the most promising intellectual property assets originating from University Hospitals, and commercialize them. With a strong passion for maximizing the value of early stage technologies, Dhanesh strives to identify the best commercial pathway, whether joint development, licensing or creating new spinouts. Dhanesh oversees University Hospitals Technology Validation and Startup program, a pre-seed mechanism to de-risk early stage technologies with startup potential. He coordinates and manages deal flow meetings to track progress toward organizational goals and other strategic collaborations. In addition, he collaborates with the Outside-In team to conduct diligence for all investment opportunities and present investment thesis to the executive leadership. With background in economics and accounting, Dhanesh has worked in healthcare for nearly 14 years across various roles within corporate finance, business development, strategic growth and technology commercialization.

Dhanesh received a Bachelors and a Masters in Commerce from University of Mumbai, and an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.