Kendra Gardiner

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Kendra leads product strategy for the UH Ventures team wherein she is the general manager and portfolio owner of the various strategic product-focused initiatives. UH Ventures defines product broadly and is inclusive of healthcare information technology, digital health (software development, consumer apps, etc…), medical devices and technologies, and product as a service wherein it correlates to enhanced customer experience, brand perception, and/or new revenue streams for the organization.

Prior to joining the UH Ventures team, Kendra was the Chief Performance Officer at JumpStart, a Cleveland-based venture development organization where she split her time between internal strategic initiatives to strengthen the performance of the organization and launching external strategic initiatives to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cleveland. The majority of Kendra’s career was spent in the manufacturing industry where she gained experiences through her roles in product development, sales & marketing and operations across a variety of industries including medical devices, lighting, appliance, aerospace and automotive.

Kendra graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.