Ryan Allison

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Ryan works at the earliest stage of invention disclosure on the Inside-Out team to identify and build out a portfolio of high-potential technology assets through due diligence, protecting intellectual property, and leading product development engagements. Ryan manages early-stage technology pipeline commercialization processes and reporting, and he works across the UH Ventures team to provide diligence assessments for TVSF, Outside-In, and Investment opportunities. Prior to joining University Hospitals, Ryan worked at Cleveland Clinic Innovations on the Business Analytics team where he conducted clinical unmet need and market analyses for internal invention disclosures, external consulting engagements, and portfolio spinout companies. Ryan received his BS in Biology from Cleveland State University and MS in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to his seven years in technology commercialization, Ryan served in the U.S. Air Force with a focus on satellite communication technologies.